No bidding, just book and go!

Don’t let bidding dictate the work!

Players like Macy's and Sears stores have been decreasing and in some instances closing down completely. The famous Toys R US- gone! And many others that are in the fight for survival. Bidding has transformed the way consumer choose to purchase their items, but there is one sector that it has not been able to control. It’s you! The door to door carrier. As oil prices increase, your revenue decreases, high insurance rates, truck maintenance, not counting the time that spent away from your loved ones or home. Bidding in your shipping business will definitely make and park your equipment.

Bidding in freight will attach you to constant emails, re-bidding, not to mention anxiety in some cases, to know if you will be the winner or not.

Bidding will add a tremendous stress to your revenue since your quote will be pushed down by multiple players that in many instances will be brokers. In most cases, you lack the time to follow up which the middleman does not.

We understand how sensitive your time is, in regards to all the faces of booking such as a complaint with the DOT regulations, traveling short or long distances and accomplishing your task of a safe delivery into the customer's hands. Our philosophy is NO BIDDING-NO MIDDLEMAN! In where customers list their goods for shipments, no bidding is allowed! In, we are committed to blocking bidding manipulation. A clear example that proves this is where there is no bidding, just straight fix prices.

In There will always be a fixed price listed with an additional tool available for you do a counteroffer. (check - How It Works! - page) In cases where you feel the customer has not set an appropriate amount, you may counter offer the set price. So don’t let the middleman control and manipulate your hard earn dollars. If you have what it takes to deal with direct customers, that’s what offers! You see it, book it and go! Book in here with full confidence that you will be dealing with the customer directly because no middleman is allowed!


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