Brian Skorski – Audi Restoration Expert

Published on 7/19/2023 7:49:42 PM

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Every car-collecting niche has its devout following. Brian Skorski from Suffield, Connecticut is one of the most fanatic and knowledgeable vintage Audi resources in the country. I first connected with Brian via his Instagram account and I was instantly drawn to his attention to detail along with his affinity for older import cars. (Those are attributes that I can very keenly relate to!)

In addition to restoring older Audis, Brian operates a detailing operation called Coat ‘N’ Go.  His website summarizes his craft best: “Specializing in knowledge of all Audi models 1970 – 1991. 2023 marks the 10th year of efforts to preserve unique examples with extraordinary stories behind them. All Audi restorations are purist-focused and maintained as close to factory-or-better specification as possible.”