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Membership cost
Insurance protection
Shipment questions and problems
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Account activation

Q: How can I create my account?
A: In the home page, right top bar, click on REGISTER and a form will open to do so.
Q: What are the requirements to join
A: Just an active US DOT number.
Q: What happens if my US DOT is not active?
A: Sorry, you need to be fully active and insured for your protection as well as the customers.
Q: So how is my US DOT number verified?
A: Our system is linked with FMCA and their system will send us an alert.
Q: How long is the process after my account in created?
A: Immediately after your account is created and your credentials are validated, you can start booking.
Q: Are there any other documents needed to create my account?
A: Nope: Just your US DOT.
Q: Can my account get canceled without notice?
A: If our system detects suspension with FMCA we will send you an email alerting you of 24hrs account suspension.
Q: Can my account get reinstated?
A: Sure, as long as the government data reflects full activation.
Q: Is my personal information fully secured?
A: Absolutely! We will never share your personal information with anyone.
Q: Can I cancel my account at any time?
A: Sure, just go into your profile tab and clicks cancel membership.

Membership cost

Q: Do I need a credit card to open my account?
A: Nope! Just an active US DOT that’s it!
Q Great, so I can book shipments for free?
A: Yes the first 3 times are free of charge with no credit card required.
Q: So what happens at the fourth time?
A: You may still book but at end of the process the system will ask for a small fee!
Q: Ok, so how much is it going to be?
A: There are three choices: $9.99 per booking, $19.99 monthly (unlimited booking) or $199.99 per year (unlimited)
Q: Can I get a refund if I cancel my booking?
A: Nope, all bookings are final. We encourage you to look deeply into the shipping details to avoid misinterpretation.
Q: So how will my freight charges be rendered to me by the customer?
A: You will always collect your freight charges upon delivery; agreed upon booking (cash/credit card/PayPal/email transfer). We encourage you to read deeply on the listing details button/tab next to the shipping image. It will have a symbol showing method of payment listed by the customer.
Q: Will there be any deductions from my C.O.D?
A: Nope! Compared to other players in the industry, you will collect the full amount upon delivery.
Q: What happens if problems arise with the freight payment upon delivery?
A: It is your sole liability to be clear with the customer in regards to the payment method and money due upon delivery. If the customer fails to do so, you are in full power to hold the delivery as collateral until secure funds are rendered to you.
Q: Are there any hidden charges associated with my account?
A: Nope! Crystal clear! Three booking for free, then after you must select one: $9.99 per booking, $19.99 unlimited all you can book or 199.99 one full year!

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Insurance protection

Q: How about my insurance?
A: We can look it up in the FMCA data base and contact your insurance company directly in case of any questions. In many cases it will be up to you to contact them directly and have them send us a certificate holder in your policy.
Q: Perfect, what happens if there is damage during a transport?
A: It is your sole responsibility to honor any damages. In the event the customer contacts us directly, we will pass your insurance information over to them or we will give them full access directly to FMCA with the link to your insurance on file.
Q: Should I show my insurance to the customer upon pickup?
A: Sure, that will give them a peace on to know that their personal belongings are being protected. You also agree to do so upon booking in the list view with our site.
Q: What happens if my insurance gets cancel?
A: Your account status will be placed in moderation until a new update is issued.
Q: What kind of insurance cover should I carry?
A: Government requires very low cargo. Please make sure your cargo premium cover exceeds e the value of the merchandise you are carrying in your equipment.
Q: Are you going to help with assistance in the case of a lose?
A: Nope! You should contact your insurance broker immediately upon a claim and work directly with the customer.
Q: Are you going to show my insurance documents to the caller upon request?
A: Yes, those documents are “public records” under the government guidelines and are available to anyone upon request.
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Shipment questions and problems

Q: How will you notify me if there is a problem with my order?
A: All order communication is done via email, so it’s important that your email address is accurate and current. In other traditional cases you may be contacted via telephone.
Q: What happens if the customer changes the shipping location, may I char an additional fee?
A: Yes, if the delivery location is over 10 miles away from the agreed destination, an additional fee may apply; the cost is up to you.
Q: I got on time to the delivery destination but no one is available to receive and render payment, what should I do?
A: To begin with you should be in contact with the customer during transit in order to avoid these situations, but if it does indeed happen you are allowed to leave all merchandise in a public storage at the customers expense.
Q: I’m running late, should I give a discount to the customer?
A: This should not happen if you allow plenty of time by telling the customer the delivery is scheduled two days after your original date. This way you may still resolve your issues and deliver on time. In some cases that you deliver after the original scheduled date, you should give some discount in order to avoid negative reviews in your profile.
Q: I broke down, what I should do?
A: First notify the customer immediately. If the issue is far more serious and you will be down for an extra period of time, find another carrier and transfer your load. You can do a listing for free on
Q: In those cases, should I give a discount to the customer?
A: Sure, always avoid negative comments that can affect you for future jobs.
Q: I got an unfair negative review, can you help me?
A: Sure, email us any documentation that supports your negative challenge.
Q: US DOT got me out of service, should I contact the customer?
A: If you believe that you will arrive late, sure call the customer immediately with documentation that supports it!
Q: I got a live animal in my shipment and now it is dead, what I should do?
A: First call the authorities and then notify the customer.
Q: I got an oversize booking, should I charge for all permits and escorts to the client?
A: Sure, do it at the counteroffer booking with a total price.
Q: I got a furniture move, but this move will require extra labor and shutter as well, should I charge that to the customer?
A: Sure, the customer is responsible for all charges related to the move, but you must do it on your own quote. Hidden charges are not allowed.
Q: But the shipment is different as what was described in the detailed listings view page?
A: Always be clear on all pickups of any additional charges. This will avoid negative feedback on your profile.
Q: Client listed a running unit, but I got to the pickup destination and it is not running. Should I charge additionally?
A: Sure. In automobiles, the usual charge ranges from $125 to $15. In cases of motorcycles, they average $80. Machinery from $280 and up and it also depends of the size and complicity of the machine to move.
Q: I booked a boat to be transported. The client has listed inadequate dimensions and also has no trailer available. What should I do?
A: On dimensions, check if permits are needed. Once figured out, change the rate from its original price. Do not wait to do this upon delivery. It may bring serious issues! In regards to no trailer, ask the customer to find one or rent one. All charged should be passed to the client.
Q: I got a suspicious load on me, what I should do?
A: First call the customer and ask. If you feel otherwise and believe you are carrying a suspicious item, contact the authorities.
Q: How can I avoid problems in my transport and earn fast positive ranting?
A: Simple. Always show professional and courtesy. Be as professional as possible! Keep in contact with the client and text some pictures so they may have peace of mind that their shipment is safe. Do your best to have clean equipment so that can speak for you.
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Taxes due

Q: Should I charge taxes and fees on the delivery to the client?
A: Yes, but it must be added to your quote. Do not apply the taxes & fees upon delivery! It may seems as a hidden charge and negatively affect your profile reviews. Always honor your quote until the end.
Q: How can I track the amount spent on fees for my subscription, in regards to form IRS 1099?
A: In your account, go to “My subscription” then “My payment history.” In there, you will be able to view how much you have paid for your subscriptions fees.
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